Friday, May 4, 2012

Things I Love #1: Hard Cider

Since turning 21 (cough), I've had the opportunity to define a few personal tastes in the alcohol arena.  One of my favorites, for any season, is hard cider.  The first time I went to a pub to have a drink, I had a Magners, recommended by a friend, bartender, and lover of all things Irish.  I was smitten.  It takes just like a grown-up apple juice!  I can actually enjoy this!

(Note:  I do like wine, to a point.  If it tastes like juice.  But I digress).

My second encounter was with Woodchuck, which my friend immediately called a "lesbian beer."  Why is this?  Probably because Woodchucks are like beavers... and yeah.  But that really isn't important.  However, if I introduce it to a friend I call it that to this day.

What I love about Woodchuck is that it comes in a ton of varieties, which is one of my favorite things... I'm very indecisive and like choices, guys.  Right now you can get their Limited Release Summer Cider (also, Cider is gluten free!), and it has a hint of blueberries and might be my favorite yet.

So that's why, the next time you go to a bar or the store, and want to try something new and non-season specific, try this.  Please.  For me.  And try to tell me you don't like it.

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