Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free at Last!

Finally I'm done with my junior year of college.  This means a lot for me, and I've been trying to be thankful and proud of all that I've done thus far- and hope to do in the future.  So please excuse me for a moment as I list the things that I've gotten out of this experience, and some things I'm very lucky to have.  For new friends of this blog, it might give some further insight as to what I value in my 21 years.

  • A six month stint working as an intern in the Senate
  • I'm working towards a double major- International Affairs and Political Science, with a minor in Economics.
  • I've traveled to Austria
  • I'm travelling to Jordan to study Arabic in (gasp!) a month!
  • This means I'm triligual... I speak English, German, and some Arabic
  • I have a great, supportive family
  • and a great, supportive boyfriend (of nine months on Saturday)
  • I'm the first person in my immediate family who has made it this far through college... that is a bigger personal accomplishment than most people think.
  • I can tell my kid that I've worked in the dishwashing room of my University when they ask me for money in the future, and that earning money themselves  (HAHA).
  • I actually get around pretty well without a car.  I'd like to think this makes me more environmentally friendly... but who is to say, really?
That's it for now- I love being so goal-oriented.  I don't think I'll be sitting on my butt much this summer.  I've already planned meals, made appointments, and planned to sew some new things.  2012 looks like the best summer yet.

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