Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year! 2013 in Review and a look ahead at 2014...

Happy New Year everyone!  Bonne Annee!  Froehliches Silvester! et cetera!

Clearly, the first thing I intend to do in 2014 is update my blog more often.  Good thing I have lots of content to write about!  I'm back in Vienna for those who knew I was away, and for those who didn't, a two week vacation in France for Christmas and New Year's with the love of my life was just what I needed.  I woke in Paris this morning at 5:45 and went by plane, train and automobile to be in my room in Vienna by 1pm.  Woo!

So, seeing as I love lists, you know what's about to happen
2013 IN REVIEW!!  YAY!

In 2013 I...

  • Graduated James Madison University with a BA in International Affairs and Political Science with a minor in economics
  • Studied Arabic, French, and German
  • Celebrated my one year anniversary with Loic at the place where we had our first real date (ok that was in December but shh)
  • Saw a ton of movies
  • Traveled a little in Europe...Paris, Vienna, Munich, Budapest, Salzburg, French Alps, Bretagne (also France)

This is how the year went..
January - April:  USA
May and June: Munich
July: Paris
August: USA
September - December: Vienna
If you're keeping track, I spent five months in the US, approximately two months in Paris, six weeks in Munich (don't remind me...) and almost four months in Vienna.  I spent all major holidays in Europe.

This year will shape up to be quite similar I think.  Major news for those who skip the rest of this post:  I am extending my Vienna contract until late June.  Originally I was supposed to stay until March 1st, but it just makes more sense to stay.  

My personal goals for this year:
  • Improve my French, German, and Arabic (I really hope the last one will work out- I miss Arabic so much and wasn't half bad at it)
  • Continue my education...a European master's program seems to be in my future...more later
  • Travel more
  • Save more (yes, I realize this and the last point are conflicting)
  • Cook more
  • Spend more time outside
  • Read more.  This one is super easy since Loic bought me a Kindle for Christmas!
  • Meet more people and communicate better with old friends
Big decisions are in the future regarding me, Loic, education, and where I'll be living.  I don't know what will happen in 6ish months, but I'll try to keep my blog updated better.

Liebe Gruessen!
Bekka (or as the kids now call me...Becky)