Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vienna Bound!

Hey everyone, it has been awhile, but I felt like I should update you all while I kill some time waiting for my flight!
That's right- I'm in the air again...for what seems like forever.

I'm at Ronald Reagan National Airport right now sitting in the American Airline's Admiral's Club.  Did you know you can buy a daylong pass for $50?  SO worth it for me once you see my schedule for the next day.  This means as many free (alcoholic drinks) as I want, snacks, WiFi, and I think I even saw a cheese plate go by a second ago!  WOOO.

So here's the plan.
DC to New York
New York to London
~7 hour layover~
London to Vienna

Then finally, once I'm in Vienna, I will meet with my new family and start my au pair adventure!  I have a lot of nervous feelings right now, but hopefully they will subside soon.

Bis dann!

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  1. I hope everything went well with your journey and that you're settling into Vienna well!!